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It is a way of life, an integrative system that works for body, mind, and spirit. This art of living was practiced thousands of years ago in India. Due to its multiple benefits, yoga is know and practiced worldwide. Yoga can be practiced by anyone because its focus is on the breath.Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union of the mind, body, and spirit.Yoga is union with all.

There are many kinds of yoga and practices, and here at the center I offer a blend that best suits your needs. Among them are gentle yoga, the flow, restorative, ashtanga, and hatha.



Yoga for Kids

We all are balloons in different shapes and colors, though we all are fill with the same air.
Kids are always welcome as great master yogis and yoginis.


The Art of Calming the Turbulent MindMeditation can take many different forms but a common theme is that takes you out of the conditioned mind freeing you from preoccupation with the past and future, to the opening of the no conditioned mind, allowing you to fully experience the present moment.

Psychological Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can help most people feel less anxious and more in control. The awareness that meditation brings can also be a source of personal insight and self-understanding. Many of us tend to live in a state of constant motion and expectation that keeps us from appreciating the gifts that each moment gives us. We live life in a state of insufficiency. Meditation is a humble process that gently returns us to our center, realizing that the only thing missing is mindfulness, and that is what and why we practice.

NAMASTE the spirit in me honors the spirit in you.