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– ¿Are you having a hard time in your life, feeling emotionally overwhelmed and not knowing what to do?
– ¿Do you feel anxious, nervous and very scared??
– ¿Are you feeling alone, overloaded emotionally or that you can’t handle what is happening?
– ¿Do you feel depressed and eager to escape this life?
Surely it’s not easy for you to live with these symptons. Group therapy can help.
Benefits of group therapy include:
• Helping us understand our problems and give us tools to solve them.
• Helping us to improve our relationships with others.
• Helping us find our inner strength and self-esteem to improve the quality of our lives.
• Giving us a sense of support and sense of belonging to a group where you can feel the support and security.
• Helping to lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness.
• Through the example of the group we gain strength to get ahead.
• Likewise, our own examples give strength to others in the group.
• We can discover new ways to confront life and problems of everyday life, with the help of other members and the guidance of the therapist.
• Helping us to improve, promote self-awareness and pursue personal growth development.
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