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Bach Flower Remedies
According to Dr. Edward Bach, the healing process is related to our emotional states and to our way of living. Illness is just a wake up call, an alarm that let us know we are walking the wrong path, that something in our life needs attention. It is only the last symptom of the conflict between soul and personality.
Dr. Bach knew that nature was the healer and the therapist was just the mediator, writing in 1934 : some higher order flowers, bushes, and trees are capable of elevating the force of our personal vibration by means of their elevated vibration. They open our channels allowing in the messages of our spiritual self and the virtues our personality needs… By doing so, they bring us peace and free us from our sufferings.
They don’t heal us by directly attacking the illness, but because they flood our body with the beautiful vibrations of our True Self
Dr. Bach classified his 38 remedies into seven emotional groups. Each group is formed by different remedies:

  1. Remedies for those who experience fear. This group contains five different remedies each one representing a different kind of fear.
  2. Remedies for those experiencing uncertainty. There are six different remedies in this group. They are useful for all those persons that postpone their decisions because they are uncertain of their resources and potentialities.
  3. Remedies for those who experience insufficient interest in present circumstances. There are seven remedies in this group. They may be experiencing apathy, they may be stuck in the past, they may be day dreaming, they may have a repetitive thought in their minds keeping them away from the here and now, or they may be depress.
  4. Remedies for those experiencing loneliness. Three remedies belong to this group.
  5. Remedies for those who are over-sensitive to influences and ideas. There are four remedies in this group. Some are over-sensitive in feeling their emotions so they try to hide them behind a cheerful face. Others are over-sensitive to influences and ideas and others feel too much hatred, jealousy and envy.
  6. Remedies for those who feel deject or feel despair. Eight flowers belong to this group. For people that may be feeling guilt, impurity or dirtiness, for those who are overwhelm by responsibility or for those who feel self-pity.
  7. Remedies for those who over-care for others. Five flowers belong to this group. They live dependent of others; they depend on their love, on their submission or on their strict norms.

There’s one more remedy,Rescue Remedy, that is a mix of five different remedies.

These five remedies act together. They help a person deal with any emergency or any stressful situation. It might be an accident, the lost of a dear one, before and after a surgery, after an argument, among others.

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