Dr. Alicia Duek

“I facilitate emotional healing through creative therapy which includes art, music, imagery and Bach Floral Therapy.”
Do you usually have nightmares, intrusive emotions and memories, or flashbacks of a traumatic event?
Are you experiencing physical sensations such as increased heartbeat and breathing, agitation, difficulty in sleeping, tension, muscular jitteriness, racing thoughts, or anxiety attacks?
Are you and hypervilgilant person, always on the alert for danger or threat and are easily startled?
Does your capacity to feel emotions and interest in life has diminished?
Do you feel numb, disconnected from yourself, your surroundings, and your feelings?
Have you lost interest in your favorite’s activities, feel hopeless, and have death or suicidal thoughts?
If you have been experiencing the above symptoms, they may have been disrupting your life, making it difficult to continue with your daily activities and even to get through the day. These symptoms may have been the consequence of an exposure to a traumatic situation (even if you do not have the memory of it). Some causes of trauma can include sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, a life threatening situation, wars, natural disasters, or an accident. Some people are not able to recognize these symptoms and just have the feeling that something is wrong with them. Recognizing these symptoms is the first step towards your physical and emotional healing.
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